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Artist: Pilocka Krach (@)
Title: Fame
Format: 7"
Label: Greatest Hits International (@)
Distributor: Word and Sound
Rated: *****
According to the danceable statement by talented forger of electro beat Pilocka Krach, everybody's name is fame! Even yours! On this delectable appetizer, she combines spoken words with delicious electro-pop and electro-house pills by hooking that humorous subtle irriverence of some glamouresque acts (I could mention Miss Kittin's death certificate of Frank Sinatra or some other tunes which plays hide and seek which reverse electrotypes from the world of showbuz and fashion), so that after kind preamble (" are you?") she repeatedly introduces herself with the typical formula "my name is..." and evokes an array of possible identities (money, kiss, Kurt Cobain, Mexico, alcohol, cool, swimming pool, bubblegum, cigarettes and so on), which lead back to fame while she rolls on funny samples, enthralling elecrobeat cogs, elastic malicious bleeps on "My Name is Fame", a possible response to a classic by David Bowie, who got celebrated together with his unique declension of pop on the amazing list of famous dead people of the following "David Bowie will never die" as well as on different clus by Pilocka. In addition to the digital version, "Fame" comes on fine 7" limited edition vynil with three digital remixes of "My Name Is Fame": while the first one by Philip Bader sharpens the zesty taste of the original track and the recreational rhytmical grip by means of dry hits and smashing claps, Be Svendsen Remix pulls a playful aroma out of the original track by nice synthesizer-flute arrangements and vocoder voice a là Max Headroom which smells like vintage break dance. The cherry on top comes from Sven Dohse, which ignites his remix with classy beats and frizzy electronic gushes from trask-funky hues of original guinea pig.

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