Music Reviews

Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Mise En Place pt.2
Format: 12"
Label: Ingredients Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
The second part of Mise en Place series of EP by relentless d'n'b label Ingredients includes another poker of high-quality stuff. The first to play his ace card is George Ovens aka Dub Phizix, who tempers his typically mettlesome staccato breaks with an uncommon touch of melancholy and meteoropathy on his winsome "Rainy City Music", which according to his own words, it immediately became his own favorite tune. Such an intensively pensive mood congeals on the shattering remix of Villem's "Splinter Your Mind" by Break, who wraps crazy metallic splinters and tonal chips into a sort of spicy rhythmical roulade with a foil of sizzling distorted bass. The following "Blue Eyes" by Skeptical is a master stroke which manages to combine sinister hisses excoriating rhythmical tumbles and female murmurs and to turn a dark minimal d'n'b tune into something really classy. The concoction between ascending pad synths, whipping rolls, roaring bass-stuffed bustle and warlike bangs marks the final explosive "No Return" by dRamatic and dbAudio out. This second course of Mise En Place stunning libation sounds so yummy that it kept on whetting my appetite...I'm just waiting for the third course.

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