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Artist: Sabled Sun
Title: Signals I
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
This project has changed direction and, perhaps, importance. I've searched for some linear notes and found nothing on the website: only the name of the track, the cover and nothing else except the fact the second part of this release "Signals II" has already been released and this is four release in four months, some years ago, in another distributional framework, Psychic TV just tried to do a similar operation: 23 albums in 23 months.
Just a step back. This album is composed of one long track that reveals pro and defects of this project. The fact that this label is a 24 bit label devoted to the digital format is clearly audible: the sonic presence and details is impressive and Simon Heath from this aspect reveals himself as one of the most technically gifted. This track starts quietly in the usual dark ambient mood i.e., a quiet drone colored by small noises until this noises takes the scene mutating until the drone and the quiet noises return to take the control of the piece just enough to admit that noise returns to take the spectrum and end the track as someone could expect.
For fans this is a release to pick and from a critical perspective this album raises an issue uncommon in the audio field: this project marks an historical importance as it start to raise an issue that is related on the dialectic between art and the medium used for his distribution. Someone raised the issue that this technical possibility is harmful for music as it gives full control of the artist to decide what to release but it doesn't take care of one simple issue: who has the right to decide what to release? This review is not the place to discuss that but it's the place where I could say that this project is important even if you doesn't listen to all his releases.

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