Music Reviews

Artist: Aidan Casserly Vs. Hyperbubble
Title: Fist in the Mirror
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Fellowshipwreck
Rated: *****
Chain D.L.K. readers already know Aidan Casserly as he's the Empire State Human's frontman plus he's been active with different other projects (Figaro, The Garland Cult and The Wazp to name a few). This time I'm talking about him because of his recent collaboration with the American synth duo Hyperbubble. Active since mid 00's, they have four albums on their back plus a new EP in collaboration with Manda Rin. Aidan and Hyperbubble have already collaborated on the duo's album "Drastic Cinematic" in 2011 as Aidan recorded some back vocals for them. Back then, they talked to produce something together and thanks to the Fellowshipwreck net label now we're able to check their single "First In The Mirror". Available as a free digital download, the single has the main track plus a remix as virtual B-side. The song sounds fresh and modern but it also has its atmosphere deeply rooted into 80s/90s synthpop. The remix, without Aidan's melodic touch, reminded me a bit Paul Hardcastle's "19". Nice single that you can have for FREE at label's website!

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