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Artist: Secant Prime (@)
Title: Ambients
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
My intention was to put this record on, and review it; however, it became much more than that. It was quite the scavenger hunt to be honest. The CD, clearly self released, contained not only no record label or catalogue information, but not even a band or project name. Aside from a tracklist that reads like an advanced physics text, there is only a single word: 'Ambients.' The project name comes in the form of a strange, yet intriguing symbol.

Fast forward through an extensive Google search of song titles and the word 'ambients' and I've discovered that this cd belongs to Secant Prime. A very mysterious project this seems to be. There is an immense lack of information existing about Secant Prime or this CD, but that's ok, I've got a pair of ears, and a very piqued interest at this point; clearly the artist wants the music to stand on its own, uninhibited by preconceived notions and irrelevant labels.

'Ambients' is a huge record. It may only amount to five tracks, but three of them clock in with double digit lengths. It's a very thick, rich work. Bass heavy drones don't pummel you to the ground, but certainly pin you down tight as they roll not just over, but through you like a thick dystopian syrup. Seemingly unending loops gather and build throughout the record, enveloped in soft static, the echoed memory of forgotten samples and angelic ghosts. There's not a lot more that can be said of this one, it needs just to be listened to, or rather felt, to understand.

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