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Artist: Movement Ten (@)
Title: Movement Ten
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
We have here the debut release of a British duo consisting of the music-producer Shadowless Man and vocalist The Sweet Chap. Why they feel the need to hide behind pseudonyms you ask? Well, I really don't know, also their web resources don't offer too much information. However, what counts is the music, and after consuming the self-titled debut of them, I really don't see a reason to hide anything. 'Movement Ten' is a self-produced and self-released 10-tracker, which provides some well-sounding and interesting arranged content to the Electropop-/New Wave-/Alternative-scene. 'Gravity', also released as being the first single out of this album, opens this album and they couldn't have chosen any better one. A catchy song progression with subtle insertions of Electronica- / acoustic-guitar elements and a pure, natural sounding male vocal performance in vein of 'James Blunt meets Synthpop' opens the hearts of the fainted listener. The ongoing tracks are sort of straighter produced: 'Machine Girl' surprises with a robotic sound-effect on the vocals, while 'BWK' celebrates straightness through its pummeling kick drum. One of the best tunes of this overall quite promising album is the Synth-/Futurepop-related 'FTBIA' with its melodic chorus, well-done vocals and its machinated beat-work. Not too much impressed with both following tunes, the marching samples of 'One Hundred Percent' are storming in until the slow Breakbeats starts to lead the scenario. I enjoyed those warm Kraftwerk-ish synthesizer-pads woven into an arpeggio-environment to rule the chorus. 'Monochrome' with its acoustic-guitar undertones is the next one and will represent the bands' third single release after 'Gravity' and 'BWK'. Last track worth a mention is the sugar-sweet album-closer 'Moon Palace', with beautiful male vocals provided in a higher Erasure-like register. Movement Ten are one of the most promising newcomers lately discovered of the British Independent-scene. This album proves a wide taste for musically diversity of the protagonists and leaves enough room for several, similar interesting sounding follow-up releases. Good work, keep it on!

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