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Artist: Lynx (@)
Title: Balloons/Passing Time ft.Hellrazor
Format: 12"
Label: Soul:r
Distributor: S.T. Holdings Ltd.
Rated: *****
Another drum'n'bass doozy from Marcus Intalex's imprint Soul:r has been marked by the signature of one producer in top shape, Portsmouth-born Steve Nobes aka Lynx. On A side, he provides a sample of compositional playfulness by means of "Balloons" where it seems he staged a sort of imaginary game room with coloured balloons, whose systematic inflation sounds like having been rendered on this funny clapping track, which prompts a certain sense of hebephrenic infantile regression in the listener. After such a return to innocence, Lynx gives voice to the melancholic feeling wich sometimes catches somewhat grown up old lions who seemingly lost their sheen on "Passing Time" - co-signed by skilled producer Rich Scott aka Hellrazor - by means of an uplifting rhythmical liquid phunk pattern which allays the nostalgia, evoked by some moody sonic hints - particularly some chorused grand piano and a pipe organ, whose phrasing seems to hang in the balance and get gradually banished by accelerating ticking hats - and assuages the blues by paddling beats. Lynx managed to see through walls and underground by pushing his powerful sight on human emotional flights and its temporary tailspins again.

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