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Artist: Machinist (@)
Title: Convergence
Format: CD
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
Machinist is the alias of Zeno van den Broek, an artist working both in the field of the audio and the visual field. The challenge of this kind of art is the convergence of distinct field as the spatial one (visual) and the temporal one (audio) in a quiet coherent vision. The path chosen is an audio construction that resemble the open, and dark, spaces created in his visual output.
This piece start with a quiet drone, created with piano recordings, that lasts until the modulated waves begin to create a dreamy atmosphere that last until the pure sine waves set the canvas for the return of the piano and the introduction of the field recordings that lasts until a piano, or quiet sinewaves, gently take the listener to the end of the piece.
This release is an enjoyable one and is truly recommanded to all fans of adventurous music.

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