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Artist: The Rum Baba
Title: 80s Animal/Stop Talk
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Ninthwave Records
Rated: *****
There could be a dispute about the true source for inspiration of the name of this beatmaster. According to his own words, it comes from Jamaian rum, but there could be many the true origin could be a delightful Neapolitan cake, which usually gets dunked in rum and filled with pastry cream. The thesis about a possible reference to that Indian funkster who supposedly materialized rings, golden eggs and other jewellery has been borne out, but it's not so convincing... Anyway, the Rum Baba could be one of the potential guru of the newborn tropical bass movement, an infectious style, which whisk Caribbean sounds, bumping loud basses and sonic shrapnels from Jamaican block parties: this delicious sample includes "80's Animal", which could be imagine as what The Bug should play after a temporary love for some Depeche Mode's hits, and "Stop Talk" (no words!), which sounds like a dancehall, ruled by a gringo with the passion for decks and snare, which sounds played by a monkey under the influence of cocaine. A true tropical electrocution, which is going to make you definitively move. Have a taste of this!

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