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Artist: Andy Moor & Anne-James Chaton (@)
Title: Transfer/4 Inbound/Outbound
Format: 7"
Label: Unsounds (@)
Rated: *****
The fourth and final release of the Transfer Series, focused on the themes of transition and transportation, which are viewed from a real (n one side of each 7" vinyl) and fictional (on the other side) perspective, opens with a sort of heartbeat so that it immediately could remind the association between rail networks and blood vessels with their complement of red and white corpuscles and coronary thrombosis (!), that some urban glamourish writers, poets and artists often retrieve, but "Inbound/Outbound", which has been dedicated to trains and underground by the talented English guitarist and composer Andy Moor (known for being member of the experimental Dutch band The Ex) and French sound artist Anne-James Chaton with the support of many guests, is far more haunting than the above-mentioned hackneyed metaphor: the dragged dub of the initial track "Metro" echoes the typical noises of a subway, whose amalgamation sounds visciously synaesthetic, Christine Abdelnoir's saxophone could be associated to an encephalic feeling during a journey on subway and the list of notorious metro stations of many metropolitan areas by voice of a number of guests (Carsten Nicolai for Berlin, John Edwards for London, Brodie West for Toronto, Dj Rupture for New York City, Mark Morse for Los Angeles, Denis Kaznachev for Moscow and Federico Bonelli for Rome), echoed by Moor like in a sort of litany, might be the reflection of a sort of daily liturgy or drama of people, who feel like trapped in this huge mesh, which appears so close to individual inescapable fate and the fictional dimension of personal realities. The fictional side of the release, "Not Guilty", got inspiration by notorious Agatha Christie's novel "Murder on the Orient Express", but the list of suspected murderers of Mr.Ratchett cannot but featured by a dreary and moody atmosphere as well as sonic clues which sound like recorded inside of a compartment of a coach.

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