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Nov 05 2012
Artist: Candida Kandinskij
Title: Obliquium
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
"Obliquium" is the newest single by Candida Kandinskij, the personal project of Giovanni De Benedetto. I reviewed his first single one year ago and I must say that this new contains some improvements as the sound production is more powerful and the overall feeling is that this isn't only a demo. The new release opens with the main track, a tune which starts slowly with a grinding monophonic sound coupled to whispered vocals, just to explode with crashing glass samples, synth manipulations, drum machine hard beats and, as for the first single, a distorted guitar which sounds more punk than else. "Existenz" is more experimental as opened with feedbacks, echoed synth noises, sampled cello and then develop into an instrumental 4/4 nice pounding track with nice melodies and blasts. "Dobermann" closes the release with a blend of electro industrial and ebm. Do you remember Velvet Acid Christ? A bit more slow and atmospheric but it reminded me those sounds. You can check all the tracks at the Candida Kandinskij page.

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