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Artist: Lawrence English (@)
Title: For/Not For John Cage
Format: CD
Label: Line (@)
Rated: *****
If I had ignored the source of inspiration for this album was Cage's centenary, I would have surmised the appreciated Australian composer Lawrence English came under the spell of mycology or mushroom picking after reading the list of scientific names of various fungi or experienced some poisoning after eating them, even if I would have praised his work. The focus on fungi (most of you know John Cage was a mycologist, collector and consumer of mushrooms...) could be imaginatively explained by their distinctive features and particularly their nutrition, which lead to the distinction between saprophytes, symbiont or parasite, so that it seems that the mind behind Room40 collected a series of sonic organisms which sucked some lymph from the huge tree of knowledge, watered by John Cage, which fed them even with his dead leaves. This record is closely related to the soundtrack English revisited with Scott Morrison for Cage's One11, an abstract movie with no plot, completely based on a set of guidelines for takes and lighting, whose original OST, the orchestral work 103, echoes to many moments of this electronic abstract oevre as well as in the feeling of slow and sumptuous movement, a sort of quivering of ghastly and elusive entities. Notwithstanding the close connection between English's slow drones and some intuitions by Cage, the nine tracks on "For/Not For John Cage" evoke trance-like states between sleeping and waking while discolsing very catchy compositional processes by oscillating between the daydreaming soothing of "Otidea Onotica", the laudanum-like amniotic flotation of "Hygrophorus russula", the somewhat disquieting apnea of "Naematoloma sublateritium" and the ancestral mists of "Entoloma abortivum".

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