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Artist: Outworld (@)
Title: Hidden Evolution Path
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
Some might say that the unbelievable success of projects like Alien Vampires would animate several projects to express their musically path in a similar way. Also Outworld, a trio hailing out of the very south of Italy (San Severo / FG) have a past, which has its roots in a Metal-related sound-outfit, until the members decided in 2002 to establish this music-project to storm the dimension of a more Electronica-/Industrial sound-design. So far this plan has been followed with limited success and to be fair enough, I need to say in advance, that their music mixture isn't free of the notorious, nearly hatred 00ntz-00ntz attitude ('Distant Future'), which still infects authentic EBM / Dark Electro with Trance-/Techno-driven virus internationally. But - and not to lead this review in unnecessary negativity - these Italo-gentlemen have some good and own ideas plus they come up here and there with attitude, which could help them to reach a wide audience and to bridge mediocrity. 'Hidden Evolution Path' is already the fourth album of this band-project and offers some satisfying tracks with 'Scarring Memories' for example, this tune present crafty EBM bass lines and a sound-design knocking at VAC's door for entrance. Also the opulent arrangements of 'We Fall All Alone' bring a smile on the face of the listeners - dancefloor-compatibility included. Constructive criticism should be mentioned too: I would recommend them to continue generally in this direction, while a little bit help regarding professional mastering / polishing of some sound ideas wouldn't be a wrong idea. The vocals are following a bit too often that 'cookie-monster-through-whisper-box' attitude, also here a bit more own initiative can be helpful. There is nothing to complain regarding their artwork which features a text-/lyric-book and their overall dark and haunting presentation. I must admit that haven't heard of them before, so all I can rate starts with 'Hidden Evolution Path', but since they are a three-men-outfit, how are the things and reactions regarding live performances?

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