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Artist: Voide (@)
Title: Agents and Radios
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
Distributor: Bandcamp
Rated: *****
A new Voide release after unusual 1,5 years in silence, this Swedish one-man Electronica music-project returns with a freely available 2-track-release. This EP works also as a teaser to introduce the upcoming new Voide full-length album 'Electric Jungle', to be out while you read this. The good point on this EP is the fact, that these both two tracks, 'Electronic Waves' and 'The Agent', are unreleased and won't find a slot on the upcoming album. Both tracks impress the listeners with its thoughtful arranged synthesizer sounds combined with a straight dancefloor-compatibilty. As a 'new' direction in the opulent sound-design of mastermind David Almgren, both tracks feature a permanent insert of voice-samples - normally not that kind of 'instrument' you'll get to hear too often from Mr. Almgren. Also the voice samples are wisely chosen, you of course don't get to hear female screams or that painful moaning of harsh-minded EBM-kids. David integrates rather movie stuff; the content of 'Electronic Waves' got taken from "Attack of the Monsters (1969)", while the samples for 'The Agent' is taken out of "Invisible Man - Crisis in the Desert"( 1958). Both sample quells are available via All in all this is a must-have download not to be missed, if you're interested to check out a quality Techno- / Synthpop artist, which still flies too much under the radar of international-based genre listeners. Available only via the Voide Bandcamp web resource.

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