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Artist: Live Better Electrically / Ed States
Title: Electric Baby EP
Format: 12"
Label: Shewey Trax
Distributor: Discogs
Rated: *****
A few days ago, i was happy to receive a sparkling, new, 12" vinyl, from 'Shewey Trax', the indie electronic L.A. based label, that has had releases during the 90s, as well, and has been reviewed in Urb magazine, XLR8, DJ magazine and has had many DJ chartings. From 2009, onwards, Shewey Trax, makes a strong comeback with quality vinyl and digital releases, within the deep house, gritty techno and electrofunk spectrum.
This new vinyl release, 'LBE and Ed States - 'Electric Baby e.p.' is a split 12". Side A, offers three tracks by LBE (Live Better Electrically). He keeps the music as the main focus, without any (often - unnecessary - production tricks). There is an aura of early 80s proto - electro reflections, in the sound of the first two tracks, 'Electric Baby' and 'It Can't Be Tonight', while keeping a funky vibe, melted with gritty synth bursts and electro beats, with the third track, coming in strong, a special hybrid of 4/4 beat, electro - disco, pads and distorted lead melodies, while a dirty bass drives the track.
On Side B, Ed States, offers three installments, of his 'Diamond Sky' track (vocals provided by Live Better Electrically). There is the main 'Ed's Lookout Mix', the 'Instrumental' and a shorter '3min Carat' mix. A gritty bassline sets the pace, a 4/4 beat, layered pads and distorted vocal phrases, have an almost hypnotic techno - disco effect.
As a whole, there is a high level of musical individuality, on both sides of this release, and that is something i always respect. If you like techno/electro/disco, in the form of a shiny, great sounding 12", this one is for you!

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