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Artist: Hepp
Title: Platterton EP
Format: 12"
Label: Hula Honeys (@)
Rated: *****
The proverbial precision of Swiss people as well as their worldwide known clocksmiths seems to be related to genetic makeup and such a guesswork cannot be but confirmed by metronomic releases from those highlands like this one by Hepp. This skilled young Zurich-based beatmaker contrives head-banging rhythmical contraptions while shuffling sonorities which have been digged out of the best electonic pits: the first track on A-side "Reiss D Beat" is maybe the one which can be immediately associated to a clock by means of his ticks, effected claps and hats, springing bleeps and dubby tips, while the splashes on electric buzzes of "Hansplatterton" could let you think about some Four Tet's track, remixed by some forgotten Rephlex juggler. Other great electronic music acts easily come to mind while listening "Hanhall", the last track of A-side: the crispy fast stepping whose intricate web tightly clings to the simple melanchonic melody are quite similar to some lovely stuff by artists or projects like Metamatics, Global Goon or Michael Paradinas's mu-Ziq. The two tracks on the B-side sound more punching, but charmingly evocative: laser-like bleeps as well as the peppy robotic loops (plus some funnily effected cow-bells...a declaration of love to his native country?) of "Klunker" make me think about a crossbreed between Proem and Decal, while the final track "Stoerefried" grinds the pattern with energetic and obsessive bass frequencies rolling on tricky dub-driven sonic clutters.

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