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Artist: Hanetration (@)
Title: Torn Heat EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Whilst the first EP focused on bizarre and quite eccentric ambient/abstract tracks, this second EP by the anonymous project Hanetration seems to turn attention of those listeners who like stylistical clashes: it's a matter of fact this masked identity supposedly reprise some known electronic sonorities with a lo-fi approach. For instance the initial "Jurassic" seems to quote Ash Ra Tempel, some primordial sonorities by Tangerine Dream or the typical vibrato by Vangelis, filtered by a (purposely?) dusty lens, or the following "Splinter", which neatly recalls some melodic contortions by Boards On Canada, has a rhythmical pattern which sound played - straight and reversed - with objects found in the glory hole and a similarly mirrored pose seems to connote the bittersweet dour melancholy of "Sixth" and the intoxicating sonic obliqueness of the hypnotic final track "Flicker". "Torn Heat" is definitively a very interesting follow-up, but I surmise it's time for Hanetration to pin some peculiarities down of his/her/its sonic research. By the way, you can download it for free so that you can better understand the paths this obscure project is walking on.

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