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Artist: Gianluca Becuzzi / Luigi Turra (@)
Title: In Winter
Format: CD
Label: Silentes
Rated: *****
One of the most interesting branch of ambient and neo-classical music, but also the one which exposes musicians to the risk of misfiring and getting jammed by stylistical platitudes and "already listened" stuff, is the "seasonal" one, which tries to use sounds as if they were paintbrushes in order to portray a particular season. The prolific Italian sound artist Gianluca Becuzzi joined together with Luigi Turra, who already made similar two-headed collaborations where he usually explores aural sonorities, in order to give "voice" to winter: most of tracks focused on the research of a balance between an evocative set of natural field recordings and sound objects by Becuzzi and slow, melancholic and often muffled (as they have been stopped by icy hard ground and crystallized landscapes) melodies on acoustic guitar and piano by Turra, which gradually sound like melting together whereas sustained reverbations of the last tones blur into gentle glacial breezes or scatter over a surreal silent scenery so that it seems to stare by sound at a person within the emotionless uniformity of a mute snowy expanse. Both Turra's minimal tonal weaves and Becuzzi's sonic faint setting seems more focused on the building of a deeply immersive virtual reality for the listener than on the maniacal research of musical perfection (maybe some common headphones which emphasize low frequencies won't neatly render some amplified stresses on low tones) and if listeners predispose themselves to such an experience, they will easily appreciate the enthralling recollection this couple of experienced sound artists patiently assembled.

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