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Artist: Klimperei (@)
Title: Tout Seul sur la Plage en Hiver
Format: CD
Label: Musea (@)
Distributor: In-Poly-Sons
This is a re-edition of Klimperei's first ever record, which at the time, or more than 10 years ago, already was just a selection of five hours worth of music. If you are into experimental music, you must already know this prolix french duo (in music and in life) and the fact that they have 28 old songs on one CD will probably be good news to you. Those who ain't familiar with Klimperei should try to imagine a unique experimental voyarism, musique concrete vanguard, baroque, romantic, visionary, old-fashioned (above all in a record with material this old!) and "french"; simple minimalism, short compositions with out-of-tune pianos (or even worse with classical guitars and piano, both are out of tune) and other home made or really weird and unconventional instruments. Forget punk, this is the new do it yourself stream, a monument to home recording as well! Spontaneous as in every mainly improvised record. Klimperei throw everyone off with their stuff. For lovers and people really into this.

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