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Artist: Suicide Commando (@)
Title: The Suicide Sessions 3: Construct - Destruct and bonus disc
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Metropolis Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Mailorder
Rated: *****
Finally we come to the third chapter of Suicide Commando 'Suicide Sessions' series, which contains the third SC-album 'Construct ' Destruct'. Tunes like 'Better Off Dead', 'Desire', or the re-mastered version of his old classic track 'The Mirror' can be found on this album, as these tunes are well-known and approved club-food by the worldwide based DJ's. Not to forget the musically highlights like 'Acid Bath', a fine Dark Electro tune, on which Scott Sturgis (Converter / Pain Station) has written the lyrics, or the pretty much Dive-/Klinik-inspired track 'Pesticide'. 'Construct ' Destruct' can be seen without doubts as being the highlight of the pre-'Mindstrip'-era of Suicide Commando. Composition and arrangements have reached with this album the highest maturity, plus this album offers a nice floating between mid-tempo, slow and creepy tunes, up to the above mentioned dancefloor-attacking tracks. Congratulations to one of the outstanding SC-releases, also backed-up with the knowledge, that with 'Mindstrip' the things turned into a more commercial and more successful course. No one really could have expedted it during 1999/2000, but with 'Mindstrip' Johan van Roy started the rather Hellectro-/Harsh-EBM second career, which has finally made him that famous and sought-after until today.
Also for this third chapter you'll get a bonus disc, which provides for the most part the content of the limited 'Reconstruction' DCD set of the original album. 'Decoder' it its instrumental version ( there existing a version featuring vocals? Someone needs to tell me...), the ultra-violent, noisy tune 'Violator', remix contributions of 'Better Off Dead' (Dive, Pierrepoint), 'Desire' (:Wumpscut:), and 'Massacre' (Plastic Noise Experience), plus a few more, so far unreleased b-side tracks like 'Final Suicide', 'Last Breath', 'Desire For Dead Bodies (Slow)', or 'Narcotica' got included too to keep this bonus disc valuable for his die-hard fans. Not to forget the track 'State Of Emergency', which has been part of the 3-track EP for the Off Beat compilation 'The O-Files II'. Also here a tiny word of criticism as the interested listener finally still needs to hunt for this long out-of-print compilation, because the 'Beat Beyond Recognition Mix' by Velvet Acid Christ of 'State Of Emergency', as well as the original recording of the b-side 'Come To Me' haven't been taken into consideration to get re-released on this bonus disc. But however, this third and final chapter concludes successfully the attractive 'Suicide Sessions' of one of the leading artists in the Dark Electro scene. If you're greenhorn with an interest to dive deep into the sound dimension of the Belgian sound-slaughter, all three 'Suicide Sessions' DCD sets would be an ideal investment to start with.

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