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Artist: Suicide Commando (@)
Title: The Suicide Sessions 2: Stored Images and bonus disc
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Metropolis Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Mailorder
Rated: *****
Second edition of the 'Suicide Sessions' brings us Johan van Roy's 'Stored Images' album, the album which features one of this most recognized club hits ever, 'See You In Hell'. I have never understood, what people found that outstanding on this, sorry, quite boring and simple structured tune, which has been placed to the last slot on this second SC studio album. That maybe has been decided intentional, since 'See You In Hell' with its straight dancefloor-oriented kick-and-snare-work differs to the rather raw, cold, and a bit Powernoise-inspired further rest of the 'Stored Images' album. Seriously: that this track would have become that famous, has no one, including Johan van Roy, never-ever expected. Personally I still fall in love with the drastic intro 'Murder', that track, with which Johan van Roy has started nearly every live performance around the year 1995. Also the magically arranged, ice-cold synthesizer-programming of 'Mortal Combat' is still one of the outstanding tunes of the whole era. Credit has to be paid, where it is deserved: special thanks for these moments needs to be send to Mr. Geert de Wilde (IC 434) for collaborating with Johan on this track. A remix of 'Save Me' and a re-recording of the very old tune 'Intercourse', a classic demo-track originally recorded in 1990, taken from his 'Into The Grave' demo-tape, are the additional tracks of 'Stored Images' still to remember, because also these both had a good fan call, or have been successful parts of his live performances.
Also this second edition brings us a bonus disc, which is mostly filled with the content of the 'Contamination' EP. This EP was a bit the result of the fan reaction after 'See You In Hell' and 'Traumatize', because both got remixed to a more club-oriented sound-outfit to feed the dancefloor masses. Furthermore there is available the track 'Last Decision' and an extended version of 'Murder'. Both have been only available on the US-release of the 'Contamination' EP, out on Bryan Erickson's Electric Death Trip Records. Finally a live recording of 'See You In Hell' concludes this bonus disc. Same voting as on chapter 1 of this series, also this second part introduces fair, while not complete the recordings of Johan van Roy around 1995 and is especially designed to give the younger SC-listeners some insight about the roots of the Belgian sound-slaughter.

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