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Artist: Rapido De Noir (@)
Title: Equidistant Lonelinesses
Format: CD
Label: 15 Degrees Records
Rated: *****
Two years after their first EP, the French band Rapido De Noir are finally facing what represents the main step for each musician: the first album. Pat, Samag, Fab and Wil on "Equidistant Lonelinesses" packed ten new tracks that sound fresh and interesting. Influenced by 80s new wave (sometimes I thought that this album won't exists without the Cure album "The Top"), by English psychedelia (well, some people told that "The Top" was the most psychedelic album of the Cure to date) and a bit by electro, but only because of the use of synth sounds, Rapido De Noir on these tracks show their songwriting ability. There are tracks like the "He Could Be" or "Shaun" that are immediate and will make you wish for more. The sound is well balanced thanks to bouncy synth bass lines, dry upbeat rhythms, clean melodic guitar riffs and energetic vocals. The band mix dark atmospheres and pop melodic intuitions succeeding into creating, as I already wrote, a fresh mix. Out the 11th of September "Equidistant Lonelinesses" isn't an album which fits only 80s nostalgics as, in my opinion, could catch also fans of bands of the likes of Editors, Muse, The Killers, etc.

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