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Artist: Harry Pussy (@)
Title: Lets Build A Pussy
Format: 2 x 12" vinyl
Label: Mego (@)
Rated: *****
In spite of their short life on the musical stage, Miami-based band Harry Pussy was really influential and left their mark on the noise scene through an aesthatics which was totally irriverent not only to the so-called bourgeios respectability and the vapidity of pop culture, but also to the musical structures of punk song itself: most of their tracks were untitled and sometimes they got fun with other aspects of typical musical publishing "receptacles" such as they did by "Please, Don't Come Back From The Moon / Nazi USA", issued by Blackjack Records in 1994, where they splitted tracks into two halves, a half a side, instead of putting a single track on each side, while their style was focused on headlong dashes over furious, violent and explicit songs and even the interaction between the band and the audience reflected their eruptive elan, mainly propelled by shrill high notes and fast drumming by Adris Hoyos and guitar rapes by Bill Orcutt. The reissue of their "posthumous" and very rare release "Let's Build A Pussy" seems to be related to the retrospective issue of "One Plus One", a double LP issued by Orcutt's label Palilalaia including the 'Vigilance' cassette, the Planet & 2nd Esync singles. When it was released, most of reviewers tended to interpret this release based on the yell by Adris (it "clearly" appears for 2-3 seconds in the first track), which had been computer-processed, thinned and stretched out by Bill over four 15-minutes lasting tracks, which are not so different from audio tracks for those funny toys known as brain machines as the sensation of "giddiness" for your ears is going to be similar to the one you could experience after a "program" on those toys or software wehich works in a similar way like i-Doser, as a certificate of death, but I think that Harry Pussy's last act could have not only a funereal worthiness. The hint at feminine shape in the title could be linked to the association between the curvy feminine body and the sweet undulations of the sonic waves built by Orcutt, but I'd say another possible key for the interpretation of "Lets Build A Pussy" where the initial scream which seems to say "dance" or "death" preceding this mindblowing bunch of frequencies, could be related to the foreseeable direction of musical research (it was issued in 1998), seemingly close to the research of cognitive science, focused on the representation and the induction of artifical emotional states throughout sonic stimulations, the real artistic crime after previous acts of patronage and submission where music gets immolated to the needs of a demanding mass or alternatively of a meekness-demanding elite...

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