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Artist: Binalog Frequency (@)
Title: Cosmic Boogie
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Binalog Productions (@)
Distributor: Juno
Rated: *****
'Binalog Frequency', has always been consistent. His high quality musical output, is obvious, through his remixes and solo albums. He has offered many views of his musical personality and some deeper, darker aspects of it, as well (which is always good). His latest two - track 'Cosmic Boogie' single, finds him in a more upbeat mood, though, while staying true to his electrofunk background, as always. 'Cosmic Boogie' starts off slowly with a beat and haunting pads sneaking up on the listener, until the thunderous funky bassline kicks in. From then on is pure infectious electrofunk beauty, with off-beat hi-hats and distorted lead synthlines. There is a 'disco mix' of the track that is equally infectious taking advantage of all the stomping elements of the original version, in a 4/4 manner with extra variations and an 'in your face' attitude that simply works! The production is crisp and straightforward, as always, and the arrangement is kept minimal, for maximum impact. The key element here is 'FUN'. There's even a neon-star on the cover artwork! Try it!

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