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Artist: ET - Elisabeth Flunger & Tomas Tello (@)
Title: Labor
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Springs from old mattresses, dented cowbells and trychels, corrugated metal sheets, old-fashioned boxes for candies, tea bags and truffles, rusty harpoons, zappers, a wide assortment of gimcracks and electronic toys combined to roughly effected guitar ennoble the funny equipment of this bizarre release by Tyrolean (but Luxembourg-based) drummer, percussionist, performer and composer (a list of emeritus qualifications taken from her website) Elisabeth Flunger and Luxembourgian "electrician" Tomas Tello, who named their eccentric project E.T. (supposedly from their initials). Their "Labor" shows neither an obsessively epic nor an academic approach, it could be rather qualified as recreational: weird echoes and sounds on metallic hits of the first track "Miracle Merchants", the electric brushes and bleeps on sci-fi/lo-fi sounds which sounds coming from rudimentary theremins created with radio antenna on "Closer To The Sky", the acute electric peeps on percussive sizzles and grumbling of sonic waves on "Tar and Feather" are going to catch listeners' attention and persuade them to keep on listening their funny fumbling with objects and electrons, which sounds engaging even when their weird collages becomes more brooding and nervous ("Otra Tormenta"), frightening ("Se Fue'", "Imminente") or abstract ("Katze Was Tust Du?"). Their nice and eccentric tracks will implicitly strike a blow for all those people and loyal supporter of recycling who prefer to spare any kind of odds and ends and rattletrap insted of throwing them away while foreseeing a certain undefined utility related to their preservation! Have you thought about the possible existence of an authentic orchestra inside a rubbish bag? E.T. are aware about it! Have a listen!

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