Music Reviews

Artist: Richard Barrett & Han-Earl Park (@)
Title: Numbers
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
You can easily imagine an accountant, a computer expert or an operational researcher in the act of falling prey of frightening hallucinations after a session of intensive work on numerical models, impressive balance sheets or other number-covered screed and their colossal equations or string while getting turned into ominous entities which paralyze their own maker in order to obsess, harass and torture him till death while listening to this amazing and fuzzy release by Welsh electronic musician and performer Richard Barrett (some well-trained listeners could know his collaborative project FURT with Paul Obermayer as well as his work within the Elision Ensemble) and guitarist, improviser and very talented performer Han-Earl Park. By means of an intricate web of sonic hiccups, scrapes, scouring, gluts, gargles and cuts, they build an acoustic lucid computational delirium, whose trajectory is impossible to outguess. Track titles ("tolur", "tricav", "ankpla", "uettet", "creens", "11......" have been taken from the final section of the below-mentioned poem) but arguably its bizarre performative approach as well, have been inspired by same titled extended poem by defiant English poet Simon Howard, first published as a digital issue on Mark Cobley's blog The Red Ceilings and then on paper by The Knives Forks And Spoons Press.

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