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Artist: Wastelanders (@)
Title: Cosmic Despair
Format: CD
Label: Basses Frequences (@)
Rated: *****
When men stare at the ineffable sight of Milky Way in a conveniently dark point of observation from Planet Earth, they could be overwhelmed by that feeling of solipsistic littleness combined with that somewhat controversial astonishment or ecstatic ravishment. An insignificant creature who can even make a fool of itself in the frantic attempt of framing such an infinity through intellect, but who cannot close the doors of perception in spite of the awareness and the acknowledge of its limitations. This one seems to be the conceptual launching pad of this second act of Wastelanders, side-project by Dean Costello, member of Michel Spiegel's Chicago-based metal band Harpoon, who looks like suggesting cosmic wandering where the above-mentioned inevitable frustration collides the wonder of constant discovery and travel, which cannot be but powered by music. "Cosmic Despair" mainly rests on introspections and contemplations aided by dilutions of guitar loops and moulding of analogue synth organs, which could recall some similar stuff by Christian Fennesz, Sunn O))) or Oren Ambarchi. The first three tracks sound like a mental tuning, based on lingering drones and the title track, "Cosmic Despair", is the most remarkable of them for its inspirational and hypnotic hooks, while "Expanding Mental Universe" and "The Crossing" are more guitar-driven mystical journeys, the first focused on crystalline sparks evoking a mesmeric cosmic roaming, the latter - and my favorite track as well - sounds closer to an ambient (then getting more rhythmical) translation of Indian raga-inspired enlightment. "Cosmic Despair" is also available on digital format through Hewhocorrupts and on tape (!) through Space Idea (check Just keep on wandering!

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