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Artist: Florian Hecker
Title: 2/8 Bregman 4/8 Deutsch 7/8 Hecker 1/8 Holler
Format: 2 x 10" vinyl
Label: Presto!? (@)
Rated: *****
Some listeners who already approached stuff by Florian Hecker are aware about the fact that behind his baffling look which could fit a trade unionist coming from some guild of electrical engineers or a nerdy clerk who's too interested in developing circuits, getting through uncountable pieces of work or settling infinite matters to choose a new pair of sunglasses, there's a really skittish musician and this bizarre sound compilation on double 10", made with the contribution by Carsten Holler, whose funny title enlists its theoretical, sonic and conceptual ingredients, confirms such an attitude at late. At first blush, many unlearned people could think he's trying to cheat them by undergoing trials of sap sounds without understanding what he's able to cheat is mainly their auditory perception so that for instance you could have the illusion he's practicing some scale whereas he's just playing with pitch modulation or sound intensity or other gimmicks some sound engineers should know and in order to make his intentions clearer (no, he's not trying to use you as guinea-pig for elegant instruments of sonic torture, which can be purpose-built to exhaust or move away unsymphatetic neighbours...), he suggests some readings which could be useful to go into details of psychoacoustics and better appreciate such a release. If you don't have the time to consult Albert S.Bregman treatises on auditory scene analyses, Rudolf Arnheim's interviews, Brian C.J.Moore's lessons on the "Psychology of Hearing" and so on, consider them as pure auditory games - my favorite ones are those dealing with voices as they recalls similar experiments (check the bizarre "Sometimes behave so strangely" for instance!)by Diana Deutsch, a quite famous cognitive psychologist who made a plenty of researches on auditory illusions, mentioned in the title -.

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