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Artist: Ryan Wildstar (@)
Title: A City of Brittle Stars
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
A City of Brittle Stars is a new up and coming project by the late Rozz Williams' ex roommate of 8 years and lead singer of EXP and co-author of The Whorse's Mouth. This cd is so important as It is Ryan Wildstar's newest piece of work for quite some time now. It is available on amazon and iTunes so go check it out after this review. Ryan's other projects are various art pieces, his self expressions and his book, ' What about the Bells, ' a book containing all unreleased poems and lyrics by the late Rozz Williams all compiled in one book available through French publisher Camion Blanc, , a true find for any collector. One thing I want to let the world know Ryan inherited all of Rozz's works and never bought anything from Rozz it was all given to him from Rozz Williams himself and always shares what we can for the world to own through his eBay site due to the fact some of these mementos are just to painful to own.. Please, any Rozz collectors buy something from Ryan, to painful to own and support this cd when it comes out as cds are become a rare find these days and Rozz's mom is 80 or so years old and is still working to stay alive and hasn't seen no money for her late sons projects. Ryan is trying to include Rozz's world to own some of his treasures, his art, collages, poetry and hasn't seen no money for her late sons projects. Ryan is trying to share some of his world. With that said let us progress to his new up and coming cd that will come out on hard copy pressing soon ' A City of Brittle Stars ' is fresh and new and probably I personally can say is where the late Rozz Williams would have left off. Ryan is so Rozzesque, cryptic and all knowing. This is a spiritual ride that leads to a new rebirth for music. Spoken word across the board, beautiful piano ballads to compliment the beauty of the one chosen to speak about the society as we know today. Little bits of trivial bits that the listener shall grasp in the knowledge of truth. Ryan speaks in
one passage, ' Onset by the passage of this grueling life', so profound and so true about the woes of disappointment this life brings. Another line that stuck in my mind, Ryan says, '
She drank the wine and screwed the cool breeze, she surely will go to hell for that, with poison petals on her palette. Tribal drums to back up this unforgettable in sync poetry reminiscent of early Christian Death antics, whimsical bells and even xylophone dirges fill this album to add to the flavor of feeling and sentiment right straight through the heart, making this cd truly unique and cinematic with the soberness that it unveils. There is an undying beautiful ode to oneself and others, A City of Brittle Stars, Ryan calls it, ' octopus highway which leads to the city of brittle stars ' , which taunts and calls to each and everyone of us and wants you to listen and learn. This is the cd that speaks of life experiences that all can relate to. So nice to see a real album that pulls on
our heart strings and won't let go. In one passage, Ryan sings to us, as an anthem for this album, 'We are All Brittle Stars', so true, clever, witty and truthful. This cd is about to pull you under from he that awaits'¦release the Kraken, release this soon. For all
of you to look under the floorboards from the brilliance of this Wildstar.

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