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Artist: Object (@)
Title: Mechanisms of Faith
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Electro Aggression Records / COP International (@)
Distributor: COP International / DDT
Rated: *****
Fourth official album of this German one-man project now released by Electro Aggression Records, so this label continues the fruitful cooperation with COP International after the spectacular 'Old School Electrology' quadruple-box-set-'beast'. Both, label and artist, have already collaborated with the release of the last Object-album 'The Ethane Asylum', which has been out in 2008 under the wings of the Denver-based Vendetta-Records label. This new album release leads the listener once again into the mysterious world of a quality Dark Electronica music-experience. The teachers of Andreas Malik come easily and quick to mind while spinning this nice looking DCD album over and over again: Mentallo & The Fixer, 'Too Dark Park'-like Puppy and affiliates have had their impact on Andreas. This won't surprise his experienced listeners as they could never-ever imagine, that Andreas would fall into a conflict to change anything drastically. This very special, layered form of Dark Electro music has always been Andreas' kind to express him artistically, any change would rather confuse. So you'll get the expected doze of a monumental produced Dark Electro album, on which Andreas' tricky synthesizer-programming skills receive the full amount of attention.
Where to start and where to end this review? That was a constant question with me, when it comes to name highlights out of this album. It is just too simple to name the opener 'Mescaline Crisis' as being the ultimate tune available here, as this one adds successfully vocals and lyrics of Martin Sane of Fix8:Sed8 - so yes, of course, this tune is awesome with its diverse rhythm programs. I personally have found preferences in the beautiful arranged title track as being one of the tunes in an ongoing row, on which Andreas could integrate the most successful his opulent, melodic synthesizer arrangements, treated with a constant produced kick-and-snare work and his mostly fx-manipulated vocals. By picking out further pearls of this generally epic sounding album, I tend to name 'Soul Seeking (feat. Sascha Lemon of LPF12)' and the 'Album Version' of his compilation-appearance for the German Electro Arc label ("Electro Arc Compilation Vol 2"), 'Empires in Peril', as being tracks worth to include on this highlight-list. To integrate a bit variation, Andreas has also decided to add some instrumental tunes, which can be discovered with nearly every fourth track. While 'Dream Collector' isn't to me a savior, I fall on my knees and praise the Lord for 'Distant Memories" and 'Density of Fear', as these both are masterpieces and give a lesson to any Electronic musician who is trying to produce thrilling, futuristic sounding instrumental tunes. More than 76 minutes of brilliant produced Electro/Industrial-music in this special Puppy-an style finally find an end after 15 tracks, but you still get the impression, that you have forgotten some valuable content hidden in between the tracks. Good to know and to hear, that this album offers enough treasures worth to discover also after the 20th + spinning. Which of the latter productions you can serious remember offers such a quality?
But this positive madness doesn't stop after this first CD - the second one has to be praised too. Under the working title 'Old School Conspiracy' it initially looks, that you'll get your usual remix contribution bonus-CD. The main content holds remixes, right, but the featured names are promising something special. Someone out there who can remember Robotiko Rejekto, a German cult-EBM-duo releasing on Technodrome/Zyx Records in the late 80s? They are back again, reanimated and vital with a hard stomping remix on 'Blood Patch', a track which has been originally released on Andreas' second album 'The Reflecting Skin'. Also the duo of Controlled Fusion returns with a remix on the second part of 'Blood Patch'. As for further remixes, which are taken from the original new album, you'll get a breathtaking remix on the instrumental tune 'Density of Fear' by the French genius Brain Leisure. 'Mescaline Crisis', the cooperation with Martin Sane (Fix8:Sed8), gets some revamped versions by Sleepwalk (fantastic layered and tastefully arranged - who has given the Ruch-brothers a Vitamin C-pill after the departure of O. Spring?), Germany's Second Disease and the US-newcomer C. Lewis, a.k.a. Red + Test (when comes out an official album, gentlemen?). Additional works can be discovered by amGod, One Eye Wanders, Jihad ('Morphine Desire'), as well as Pyrolline and Abscess, who have buried out another goody out of the Object archives, 'Existence on Trial', originally released of the predecessor 'The Ethane Asylum'.
And - reward, reward - you'll get two additional bonus demo tracks with 'Static Motion' and 'End of Line'. A quite fair, better said, good quality content and an ideal second CD to dive deep into the musical dimension of Object
While I highly recommend you, to purchase this awesome looking DCD set with its tasteful icy landscape well packaged in a digi-pack, I generally need to bring to your attention, to consume this album with enough free time. The richly included details and fx-gimmicks hidden in Andreas' arrangements are part of this album production well worth to discover - to listen to this album in a rush will offer you only a glimpse, but not the complete content. So take your time and explore this epic and monumental Dark Electro release.

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