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Artist: Kreuzweg Ost (@)
Title: Gott Mit Uns
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
I want to believe raving insinuations about relations between so-called martial industrial and nazi propaganda, supported in the past by paranoid groups such as Anti-Defamation League or other ones which had or just have a strange perspective on the concept of freedom in arts which often turns the capacity of understanding a provocative language into a poser, have been filed once and for all. I thought such a preamble could be necessary as references to Utoeya massacre included in the track "Calvaria" by this interesting Austrian project, headed by Michael Gregor aka Silenius, could be purposefully misunderstood as well as other references spread all over Krezweg Ost's third act whereas even a 9-years old pupil could understand its intention, which sounds clear since its title "Gott Mit Uns" (German for "God With Us"), so that listeners will easily catch that it focuses on fanaticism and its ominous offspring and such a goal has been reached by means of a very wise musical operation of syncretism, fed with martial industrial, darkwave, ambient, drones, classical military music, movie samples and soundtracks, whose stylistical peaks have been climbed in tracks like "Geh Mit Gott", "Geistige Emigration", the above-mentioned "Calvaria" - who knows if it could act as a wise hint to Norwegian Court in order to better crack Breivik's mind -, the disquieting electric ventilator-aided march of "Stammen" and the cinematic hooks of "Thy Will Be Done". An authentic piece of uplifting musical literature!

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