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Artist: Mental D-Struction (@)
Title: Extrapolation of Human Perspectives
Format: CD
Label: Contagious Programm
Rated: *****
Mental D-struction's 'Extrapolation of Human Perspectives' is a relentless sonic assault on the senses that leaves one both ravaged and thoroughly satisfied, craving more. The album opens to an almost serene soundscape of pads, complex cymbal rhythms and if you listen carefully, samples of children beneath it all, creating a false sense of security, with just a hint of forboding, foreshadowing what's to come. Almost as soon as it comes, that warm fuzzy feeling is stripped from the listener with schizophrenic electronics and odd meters full of distorted rhythms and frantic beats layered with both dialogue samples and beautiful string arrangements. As the disc progresses, so does the destruction; in its wake lay synthetic screaming banshees, growling monsters of beauty, an almost carnevallian disasterpiece and a brutiful epic whose orchestrations channel the likes of Mozart et al; though I'm sure they'd roll in their graves were they to experience the invasive, destructive, harsh beats and distorted vocals just screaming in agony that lay on top of the aforementioned orchestrations. This record is a brutal journey into the depths of the most twisted parts of the human mind, with only quick pauses to catch one's breath before being thrown right back into it all. The only slight relief comes at the very last track, whose tempo is just below that of its predecessors, though she still makes devastatingly good use of every beat per minute. From its beautiful string arrangements, to it's machine gun rhythms; from it's razor-like synths to it's distorted vocals and samples, this offering from Mental D-Struction has not a single dull moment and will shake you to the core. It is a beautiful and hauntingly destructive demonstration that you wont want to pass on, that is of course, if you can keep up...

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