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Title: Keylogger
Format: CD
Label: M-Tronic
Rated: *****
Dirk Da Davo aka Neon Electronics, is one half of the famous Belgian band Neon Judgement. Active since early 80s with them, Dirk started his Neon Electronics project at the end of the 90s. His new album "Keylogger" is his fifth and it sounds his darker one to date. Inspired by the social world situation and by the consequences on our planet, the album contains ten new tracks, a cover of "The Fear In My Heart" (song originally written by Luc Van Acker), a Neon Electronics remix of "Prejudicial Silence" (originally by Millimetric), one remix of "Over And Over" plus three remixes of "Under The Worst Condition" performed by Action Nano (a label's mate), 9 Elma vs Lyynk and Dj Element. Three tracks ("Glimp", "Over And Over" and "Rhythm") see Dirk collaborating with Radical G and "This Thin Air" features JMX. Musically the album spans from powerful electro (like on "For A Second", "Rhythm" or the following "Prejudicial Silence" which has nice female cold vocals) to the semi electro techno of "Plastic World People", passing through electro r'n'r intuitions on "Greed" or e.b.m. ones on "Glimp". On much of the tracks you'll find also guitar riffs helping into the creation of the energetic sound you'll find overall the whole album. Catchy melodies, cools sounds and upbeat rhythms make of this an album you have to check. Definitively!

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