Music Reviews

Feb 22 2012
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Title: Yellow Lamps
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Romance Moderne
Rated: *****
"Yellow Lamps" is a one track single which functions as appetizer for a next imminent release. Popsimonova was one of the founding members of the Croatian electro band Dekolaz which were active around the year 2006. After leaving the band in 2008, she started her new solo project Popsimonova and participated the year after to the Enfant Terrible compilation "Radio Resistencia" with the track "Obrisi". "Yellow Lamps" is an obsessive tune with cool synth sounds, cold vocals, retro ebm rhythms and atmospheres. Popsimonova is able to alternate interesting sounds keeping the melodies to the essential but giving to the track a good sound palette. She already performed live on one of the Romance Moderne nights in Bruxelles. Follow her...

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