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Artist: Coen Oscar Polack
Title: Spectral Churches
Format: CD
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
This release is a downmixed registration of a multichannel performance of a piece constructed using only, as source material, the bells in the carillon of a church. This has a reason, apart from the organ, the bell is the most religiously recognizable sound and, so, this work start with the sound of the bell that is gradually buried by the trasformation made by the three players at the laptop: the composer, Herman Wilken and Roald von Dillewijn helped by Bernard Winsentius at the carillon that played the 26 minutes sequence "De Damiaatjes" that was processed for the creation of the piece. When the trasformation begin to use the natural resonances of the bells, the listener is immersed in a continuum drone juxtaposed with high pitch resonances and various small noises giving movement to all the musical structure. When the resonance begin to dominate the spectrum the bells return to be hearable and this piece start his final part ending with the sound a bell.
This piece is able to use a classic sound to reveal his underlying possibility to be used for avantgarde, resulting more interesting than most modern studio-constructed sound. A really fine release.

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