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Artist: Overmamba (@)
Title: Crawl Out
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Keep Out (@)
Rated: *****
In the first song "Funny Life", the voice of this nice electro-pop band from Naples, Tizzy Caliendo, wishes to be crucified from some magazine while he hovers above the listener with a sort of personal hymn to joy. Well, even if I could drive some nail on the board to reproach them about some possible mistakes (particularly their decision to issue an album too late in a scene where other unpraiseworthy "musicians" have already gobbled down most of the cake by winking at the indie-rock followers and other fashion victims after careful marketing make-up), I'm going to disappoint his expectations. Tizzy's powerful voice, whose range is so wide that you could think to the style of many notorious 80ies male voices (Billy Idol and Tony Hadley are the most immediate musical memories Tizzy activated) meeting in his ugola, partially counterbalance a certain narrowness of sounds, which have melted together in a remarkable way by Bachy Del Prete's programming by the way, so that even if the mixed elements are more or less the same, Overmamba manages to change its sloughing very rapidly. From dada-flavoured songs, featuring simple melodies fitted for counting-out rhymes, such as "Funny Life" or "Celebration", to gothic-tinged stuff which looks inspired by dark scene weaponry ("You Know The End When You Feel It", "20th Century Monster" - inspired by the Abominable Dr.Phibes, a notorious fictional character, musically quoted by Overmamba in the melodic line, quite similar to the ones played by Dr.Phibes on his organ - or "Theatre Of Poison", my favorite track for his bizarre fusion of gloomy atmospheres with horror vintage videogames' sounds) and more engaging electro-pop technoid marches, such as the vampiric "Cold Dawn In Vienna" or "Betelgeuse". Overmamba sound can be enhanced, but it doesn't deserve nails yet.

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