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Artist: VENUS FLY TRAP (@)
Title: Nemesis
Format: CD
Label: Big Blue Records
Distributor: Spiral Archive
Rated: *****
Seven years after their previous studio album titled "Zenith", Venus Fly Trap are back with NEMESIS. On this one we have Alex Novak on vocals and Andy Denton taking care of all the other stuff aided by Paul Cox at backing vocals. The album contains twelve tracks and one of them is a particular sixties electro wave version of "Human Fly", one of the first tracks composed by The Cramps. The duo mix guitar feedbacks and electronics filtering them through new wave, post punk and a bit of sixties psychedelia, succeeding into creating a sound reminiscent of hundreds tracks you listened in your past but skillfully blended by Alex and Andy whom dosed all the elements obtaining their own sound. Sounding now dark then epic and after that, acid, Venus Fly Trap made a fresh album that will take you for a ride through dark lands but with intermittent green flashes and pink lollipops. Try to imagine a bus where Sisters Of Mercy, Doctor And The Medics and The Sound have a jam session and you'll have the idea of how this album sounds. You can check some tracks at Venus Fly Trap's Myspace page.

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