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Artist: A New Life (@)
Title: Satori
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Romance Moderne (@)
Distributor: Juno Download
Rated: *****
Recent changes in the life of Maurizio Pustianaz (Gerstein, Noisebrigade, co-founder of Chain D.L.K.) are reflected in this debut EP under the A New Life moniker. The titles of the 3 tracks included in "Satori" and the lyrics of the first two (the third is an instrumental) are obviously autobiographical: "A New Life", "Smile Again" (in which Mauri sings passionately "my revenge is to smile again"), "Grand Opening", all seem to be the sonic equivalent to the ups and downs of the man's life and, hence, high on emotion, passionate songs.
Musically this is a 100% (early) 80s record, ranging from new wave to post-punk, reminding of seminal Human League (more of The Future era), British Electric Foundation (pre-Heaven 17), Soft Cell, Factory Records, even early Depeche Mode. Mauri combines analog equipment with soft synths and sings upon layers of (noisy at places) melodies and stressful robotic beats. Personal favourite is the title track (great refrain!) and I really like the switch from what seems to be a nightmare intro to an optimistic groove on "Grand Opening".
This is a decent "retro" release by a man who's devoted to music for more than 30 years. Support it, support Maurizio's New Life!

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