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Artist: Project Rotten (@)
Title: Cinema Bizarre
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
No time to shed any more tears after the demise of Twisted Flesh Recordings, Fredrik Croona and his partner 'X/209' (Yes, that is the guy behind Syndrome X/209 = Kettil Sundberg) have ready done their new and second album after their last years' official debut 'The Freakshow' of Project Rotten. 'Cinema Bizarre' has been recently released via the Hungarian Advoxya label and proves to be a logical development to the debut.
This album is an action-filled onslaught, which offers all good ingredients one expects from a modern produced Harsh EBM/Hellectro album. Razor-sharp synth bass-lines, a bone-hard rhythm work, and - surprise, surprise - a massive recognizable development in the quality of the vocal fx-processing. Already with the opener 'Soul Stripped (No Future)' this duo pushes the rotten bodies forward to storm the dancefloors. Be assured, that they don't take prisoners and that they won't stop with their straight, fast-forward pummeling attitude until they reach the very last track - which is a hidden, unnamed 12th track with rather minimal instrumentation - a fun track maybe?
'Cinema Bizarre' additionally offers some interesting collaborations. One of the best worked-out tracks, 'The Hunger', introduces the Spanish vocalist Javi Ssagittar from the lately highly recognized newcomer Terrorlokaust (signed to Infacted Recordings), who adds a rather melodious sounding performance to this track. Johan van Roy doesn't need an introduction; 'Club Death' features him for some co-vocals. Also the Greek duo of Pre-Emptive Strike has collaborated for the track 'Visions Of Death'.
When it comes to search for the hairs in the soup, well, and that counts for nearly 90 % of all releases out of this specific genre: the word 'unique' is a vocabulary, which can't be named in a same manner to describe this album. Project Rotten haven't definitely re-invented this genre, they rather play with already discovered properties this genre normally offers - but on a high level of quality. I also would like to hear here and there one or two tracks, which offer more musically depth provided through tempo changes or just a different style of composing. To break out of the musically one-dimensional course, which the Harsh EBM-genre inevitably falls under, is still that undiscovered piece of a puzzle, which Project Rotten need to add on their 'to solve'-list.
But the die-hard fans of this genre will slightly ignore this request, because the ongoing sharp-shooting stuff available on 'Cinema Bizarre' will completely satisfy their need for body movement. Project Rotten offer a professional produced follow-up album (mastered by Sander Kapper / Stahlblack Productions), which should be able to push this duo internationally to the forefront of the Harsh-EBM genre. Also Advoxya Records grows more and more to one of the leading bastions for this style of music.

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