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Artist: Angel
Title: 26000
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Editions Mego
Rated: *****
Imagine a corrupt, desolate, dead planet, full of toxic waste. Radioactivity has swallowed every lifeform. Power generators are destroyed in a daily basis, explosions and fire everywhere. Chaos. In remnants of industrial plants some engines are still operating (or rather dysfunction), refusing to stop producing...
26000 seems to be the ideal soundtrack for the above futuristic (and realistic) decadent scenario. Ilpo Vaisanen (one half of the great finnish electronic project Pan Sonic) and Dirk Dresselhaus (aka Schneider TM), with the help of Hildur Gudnadottir, BJ Nilsen and Oren Ambarchi, are Angel, and, on their 6th album, they undertake to describe sonically the nightmare of the annihilation of human nature and the ruins of its civilization. They seem to use... everything to do so, from metal and wooden objects, glass bowls, ash trays, to electronics and acoustic instruments (such as percussion, guitars and halldorophone, which is a cello that allows the player to color the sound of what is being played by feeding the vibrations of each string back into the body of the instrument). Their field recordings are remarkable, you can almost smell the smoke of the burning ground, you can almost feel the pollution penetrate your body, you can almost touch the unrecycled garbage pulp of tin cans, plastic, glass bottles, silicon chips etc.
This is true industrial, like they used to call it in the late 70s/early 80s, describing the drones of Test Dept, SPK, Nocturnal Emissions, Neubauten and TG, way before the term end up to refer almost completely to aggressive electronic/metal stuff. Recommended.

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