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Artist: Aardvarck
Title: Anti Concept
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Eat Concrete (@)
Distributor: Rush Hour Records
Rated: *****
Mike Kivits (aka Aardvarck) is not a newcomer in the electronic music scene. Starting in the mid-80s as a dj, he went to become a producer by the early 90s and, since then, he never stopped to explore the many aspects of the electronic spectrum. Having released stuff on various labels (Rush Hour Recordings, Delsin, Bloom etc.) Mike seems to have found a more permanent home on the excellent dutch label Eat Concrete, at least the last couple of years.
"Anti Concept" is Aardvarck's 3rd full length album for EC and, believe me, it is exactly what its title stands for: a release that defies genres and categorizations. Mike's sound is ranging from deep ambient soundscapes and drones, to dub, techno, abstract funk and hip-hop vibes, with references even to classical music (on the beautiful "Hope Not Dope"), experimental fusion ("Sandor Vs Pig Talk Beat" blends church organ with what seems to be a sampled... go-go beat!) and ethnic (like on "Afrika Slang" and "Arvo Snake"). Of course in a... 27 tracks album (especially of so many sonic orientations) it's very hard not to come across some fillers and "Anti Concept" is no exception. I listened to the cd 4-5 times and i must confess that, from the 2nd listen, i caught myself skipping (thankfully only a few pointless or annoying) tracks. However the whole result is very interesting, there are some real gems in this album (personally i'm really hooked on the ambient tracks), the choice of the (unpredictable) samples is genius at places and the mastering (credited to Sandor Caron) is flawless. Plus that the artwork is great and there's also a fine limited edition white vinyl EP, including 9 tracks, that works as a sampler of the album (side a showcases Mike's soundscapes, while side b focuses on his more dancefloor oriented stuff). Oh, of course it's also available on your favourite digital outlets.
Nice release by a top quality label.

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