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Title: Notre Debut
Format: CD
Label: Final Muzik Eighties
Rated: *****
About a month ago I reviewed the first Nostalgie Eternelle reissue of their music which was a 7" EP released by EE Tapes. Now, as I anticipated back then, Final Muzik, the label of Gianfranco Santoro, guy who released some of their tracks back on those days with his label Discipline Prod, has just released a CD which gathers twenty band's tracks that have been released during the 1988/1991 period on compilation and tapes. Available on a run of 600 digi slim CDs, NOTRE DEBUT shows really well what was the sound and the attitude of the duo formed by Stefan Heinze and Dieter Mauson: they used monophonic synthesizers to create pulsating drones and noises or noisy bass sounds adding to them sometimes clean reverb guitar, bass guitar, drum machine obsessive pads (which sometimes were treated adding distortion and reverb) and now icy detached or then melancholic vocals. Nostalgie Eternelle, in this way, were balancing their tracks spanning from industrial instrumentals (like "A Chilly Draught") to minimal synth paranoid tunes ("The Oak"), passing through minimal synth wave ("Skin Trade" or "Amazement"). Try to imagine a mix of early Cabaret Voltaire influenced by D.A.F. and Joy Division and add some cold and fog. Of the previous EP you can find only the track "Just Darkness", so if you'll become a fan, you'll have to purchase that one, also. Someone said that they are gonna to come back soon. If it's true, this compilation (which I hope it won't be the only one, since they recorded so many tunes in only four years) it's the right way to prepare yourselves to their new sound. This is the second release of Final Muzik Eighties sublabel. Stay tuned for more delicatessen from the past... P.s. Until the end of October the CD will be sold at a very special low price!

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