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Artist: ADJ
Title: Beats, Blips & Other Dimensions
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Shameless Toady (@)
Distributor: Bandcamp
Rated: *****
Sometimes i wonder how some people manage to do so many great things in so little time. Take the case of Phil Ventre (aka Pip Williams) for example: top (and very open-minded) electronic producer, dope dj, excellent graphic artist and boss of one of today's most eclectic labels, Shameless Toady! This multi-talented guy seems unstoppable, like he somehow found the secret formula to... clone himself and sent his clones to conquer the electro scene! Here he delivers ST's second album (after the excellent compilation "Peers#1", released last March-TOADLP001), "Bits, Blips & Other Dimensions" by ADJ, a well respected electro dj and producer based in London, who's also co-founder of another quality label, Pyramid Transmissions ( ). In this long player Andy Jaggers (that's ADJ's real name) builds complex pieces of rhythmic electronica, not necessarily uptempo (listen to the quirky opener "Sub Aquatic Dialog" with its cool electro beat and the dubstep-inspired "Knee Jerk" and "Flush It"-both are great!), characterised by an organic feel, as the result of the extended use of glitch sounds. Personal favourites are also the imposing "Batstreet", the menacing "Spirit Of IQ" and the moody "Void", a dark electro track full of tension that closes the album, but i'm pretty sure that these are for... today; tomorrow i'll go with others, as this release is a fine example of too many styles put together to create a sonic mosaic that, finally, defies categorization!
So, file under "leftfield" (although you'll find it at the electro section on most digital stores) and support artist and label by getting this very nice album via Shameless Toady's Bandcamp page ( )

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