Music Reviews

Title: Weissensee
Format: 12"
Label: Astro Chicken (@)
Rated: *****
After participating with the track "Geh lieber nie" to the first Astro Chicken label album compilation, one year after, Sternrekorder is here with his first album WEISSENSEE. Limited to 250 copies printed on 180gr red vinyl, the 12" contains seven new tracks plus "Geh lieber nie", which, along with "On My Roof", is the only track to have vocals. Sternrekorder's music finds it roots on the late 70s was synth sounds when the synthesizers didn't have midi either. Based on arpeggios and light bleeping sounds the tracks on WEISSENSEE pulse like a distant star and paint a canvas where you can see space lands and new incredible landscapes. With the help of what I think could be a CR-78 drum machine, Sternrekorder revive the atmospheres of the pioneers of electronic music adding joyful melodies and passion. Upbeat rhythms with fat bass lines duet with vibrating synth pads. You can check the sound samples on the label's website.

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