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Artist: Metope (@)
Title: Atlantic EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Factor City (@)
Distributor: Decoder Muzique
Rated: *****
Interesting debut on the young Factor City label by the hectic Michael Schwanen aka Metope - the Berlin based producer is also active member of the promotional agency Omega Oz and of the known trio leading Beachcoma Recording, completed by his Canadian friends Pan/Tone (who also played live with Metope's Cereal Killers) and Fairmont, performing some appreciated lives -. His "love for digital" as well as his skills on NI machines, which are intensively used during his dj-sets, surfaces from the very first bits of the title-track of this tech-housey bauble: the bumpy metronome doesn't stop even during temporary "melodic" medleys and your imagination could easily get influenced by the title, Atlantic, so that the continuous rhythmical stream could keep the course of it over the wide ruffling of oceanic waves whereas the following track partizan could keep on blowing on canvas with his chirruping sounds, finger snaps and gummy bass-tones. Good tracks even if my favorite one is Ghost, the third sketch included in this EP, mainly for the appreciable intrigue on filter knobs as well the most stressed evanescence (or I'd better say abstractness) of its sound. The release has been enriched by three remixes: to be honest, the first one of Atlantic by Dave Dk sounds nothing special, looking more like a sort of card shuffling, while the same track remixed by Undo is definitively more interesting for the way the Spanish producer re-assembled it mirroring his unique style, based on the progressive combination of elements gradually combined on a monotonal stream, flowing like paper boats on the water of a river on the point of flooding. By the way the most convincing remix is the one of Ghost by John Daly, a sort of dub-housey structure featuring a good use of effects on synth lines of the original samples.

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