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Artist: Butane and Someone Else (@)
Title: Dink Touching EP
Format: 12"
Label: Foundsound (@)
Distributor: Kompakt
Rated: *****
I sometimes get wondered a seemengly non-sensical techno track could have a certain picaresque grip. If you don't know which kind of person is a dink toucher, you'll need maybe a short explanation on such a human genre, forcefully arising in modern society. You'll easily identify him/her from his/her behaviour as he/she will rarely entertain deep relationship, but it's the typically super-nice smart aleck (or better it appears in such a way) you'll instinctively want as a friend or as a companion of adventure as a socially acceptable welcome distraction! But it's very frequent you'll (a true lie?) complaint about him/her with your partner arguably for his/her excess of superficiality, even if a professional dink toucher could be more than just a good fellow! Many sightings of such a kind of humanity have been recorded in shots inside disco clubs as they normally touches dink of cutie dancers exhibiting different kinds of scraggy facial expressions! Vocal whimpering and hitting lowing inserted in this driving minimal techno rhythmical pattern featuring many nice beat gimmicks by Andrew Rass aka Butane (owner of Alphahouse label) and Foundsound co-founder Sean O'Neal aka Someone Else, after they virtually fused their minds by founding the label Little Helpers could evoke the mentioned sightings. Amidst the three remixes included in this release, I've enjoyed the crunchy one (Butane's Strip Club mix) made by Butane himself and the Sterni Edit by Agaric, who decides to remove the melody after highlighting it in the previous remix...some nice samples of beat juggling! You will also find a track entitled Etard - a strange way to let indie rock tunes interfering into tech-house streams - as well as two remixes of it, the first one (really catching) by Catenaccio's founder Benjamin Fehr - adding a darker shadow on the blissful luminous vapours of the original track - and the second one by Figdet, who churns out an appreciable exaple of deep shoegazing techno. This Ep is everything but rinky-dink finger training on Traktor!

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