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Artist: Perception Cleanse Perception (@)
Format: CD EP
Label: Dungeon Recordings / Backscatter Media (@)
Distributor: Shinto Records
Rated: *****
Another often discovered artist calls it quit, as this is the last PCP release ever. PCP is a solo project by the Little Sap Dungeon founder, Kevin J. Cazier. This project has always had a quite experimental mentality, it often has been a kind of pool to include several sounds and ideas, which may would not fit with Little Sap Dungeon, Kevin's dark and haunting Electro/Industrial effort. Of course, drastically style changes ' this has happened quite often with PCP in the 10 years of existence ' are seldom the right choice to build a constant fan-base. There are reasons and a statement of Kevin regarding the end of this side-project, and I would like to quote him: 'I just felt that the project had become too unstable and confusing for listeners with all the style changes in musical genres. In all honesty I could've started 4 different projects from PCP and built a much stronger fan base keeping styles separated. I'm not a fan of unpredictable projects either. At the time I just wanted a project with some diversity and have proven it can be done. Not every track needs to sound like the same song.... not every track needs to sound like a club hit, which has been something that has bothered me about the scene from the get-go. I value projects with theme and imagination in their music, not gimmicks and club trash.'
Clear and true words, nothing more to add, now coming to this EP, which holds 7 tracks in stock, which generally pick up of the Dark Ambient-like mood of the last studio work 'Black Labyrinth Wonderland'. 'inVERSIONS' is seemingly sort of companion release, as it features mainly remix works and alternative interpretations of this last album. Not that easy to consume, I guess this last efforts of PCP have been at least the less accessible works from Kevin are filled with unconventional soundscapes, here and there rhythmically supported with excerpts out of Breakbeat, Downtempo and IDM-related styles. Again a bit more demanding to fall completely into it, but so it has always been. An end for good for this project, now back at the mixing desk for the new LSD efforts. PCP last EP is available as download, but also as a limited run of a CD pressing (50 copies available.)

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