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Title: Sand & Dust
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Coming from Zaragoza, Spain, Silencio Personal is a synthpop duo formed by José Miguel Martinez (songwriting, synth programming, lyrics) and Daniel Lopez (drums, synth programming, arrangements). Playing since 2006, Silencio Personal are releasing this year their full length album titled SAND & DUST. The ten tracks of the album mix different stiles of electronic music: future pop/e.b.m. (VNV Nation or Apoptygma Berzerk are the main influences I can think of), synthpop (a bit of Depeche Mode of the early days influences are on as you can check on 'Say Goodbye') and ambient (just a bit, as when they use dreamy atmospheres and spacey sounds). Sounding now dance with powerful 4/4 hard beats (like on the opening 'These Walls', 'Slave' or 'The Same'), then dreamy and melancholic but always focusing on arpeggios and 4/4 mid tempos (like on 'We Are In This Together' and 'Death Is Just The Beginning') the duo, in my opinion, give their best on 'Space Traveller'. This track is a cool mid tempo with catchy melodies, a bit of melancholy, rich soundscapes and sensual atmospheres. The track takes advantage of the alternation of rhythmic stop and go and intimate vocals and it is also enriched by choruses and an overall dreamy atmosphere. This one is the most personal tune they composed and I enjoyed it a lot. The album contains also two nice remixes: a Silica Gel remix of 'Slave' (now sounding even more trance and dancey) and a Midnight Resistance remix of 'Whitered Life' (now it sounds faster with a mix of digital and bleepy synth sounds).

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