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Sep 03 2011
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Artist: FLEC E.S.C.
Title: Body Snatchers
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Inductive (@)
Rated: *****
Heading from Japan, Inductive is a new label which with this new Fleck E.S.C. EP titled BODY SNATCHERS is reaching its fourth release. I already had the opportunity to appreciate the futuristic chirping complex sound of Fleck E.S.C. and with this new digital EP we have the possibility to check five new tracks which follow the path traced by the previous releases. The release opens with 'C64', an electro mid tempo based on rhythmical patterns formed by bleeping sounds, bass synth waves and many tiny melodic synth parts. Everything is enriched by an 808 drum sound. The main tune comes for second and its based on syncopated upbeat rhythms and alternating bass sounds which cross each other clashing into spacey leads. 'White Trash' is almost a dubstep tune with electro inserts. It is based on stop and go parts and wobbling basses. 'Chemical Test' features Chiba Chemist on vocals. It sounds minimal and obsessive with many rhythms and chirping sounds. Chiba Chemist vocals sound like a warning while he raps surfing onto the throbbing waves. 'Mandrax' closes the release with more bass sounds mixed with sparse spacey pads and fragmented rhythms.

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