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Title: Battlestar Transreplica / Trial By Bullet
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Seed Records
Rated: *****
After his release "The Divine Invasion" on the Italian label Sauroid, Antoni Maiovvi is back on Seed Records with a double CD album titled BATTLESTAR TRANSREPLICA/TRIAL BY BULLET. The tracks of the two CDs are imaginary soundtracks of two lost 70s Italian b-movies (on the Seed Records website there's a nice story about those lost movies and how the soundtrack survived). If on the Italian release, Antoni was focusing his songwriting on Italodisco atmospheres, here he's back at his late 70s analog synth upbeat electro style with nine new instrumental tracks. If you didn't check the previous Antoni releases but you're a fan of Umberto, Xander Harris and Steve Moore, well, this double album will please you for sure. Stop and go, mysterious atmospheres, warm pads and fat bass lines are the core of TRIAL BY BULLET and they are perfect for a giallo movie. Check the lead synth melodies of 'Murderfunk' and you'll realize how well they fit that kind of movies. Try to imagine a frozen frame of the murderer dying after a breathtaking run while the ending titles are screened. The four tracks of BATTLESTAR TRANSREPLICA, as the title could make you imagine, are more space oriented (check those synth wind noises and those dreamy synth pads) but always with upbeat rhythms and fat bass lines which duet with cool melodic synth arpeggios. The double album is also available in a limited edition CDs plus T-shirt. You can already pre-order that or the normal edition at Seed's shop. It will be released on early September.

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